A Visit to the Museum: Taking the Past Forward

Chern Lian Shan
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A Visit to the Museum: Taking the Past Forward
Artist: Chern Lian Shan
Installed 2000

National Heritage Board

There is a third figure, a woman in a polka dot dress, holding a camera, installed on the second floor balcony of the building. The girl is evidently gesturing to the woman.

Location Notes: 

Very site specific!

First Placed in Singapore: 
Current Location: 
outside Peranakan Museum, Armenian St



The energy generated across the facade of the Museum building by having the girl gesture to the woman on the 2nd floor is clearly meant to lighten the authority of the building, showing visitors by example as it were that they can have three-generational fun here. However the intention seems a bit spoiled by the somehow slightly sinister character of the figures themselves. Of course, it is very hard to avoid a "slightly sinister character" in such realistic bronzes.