Sun Yu Li
Paragon Shopping Centre

These figures, flat cutouts really, have been cavorting across the front of the Paragon Shopping Centre for several years now. They've suffered some indignities as Paragon has gone through several "upgradings", even in that short time. See the Public Art News blog, here.

Thanks to Lucy Davis for the pix!

First Placed in Singapore: 
Current Location: 
in front of Paragon Shopping Centre, Orchard Rd


Sun Yu Li's Public Art

Sun Yu Li’s Untitled (2002) is located in front of Paragon Shopping Center, Orchard Road. Its form is of several dark metal abstract human forms, resembling stick figures that harmonize with the shopping center around it. Its function serves as a decoration for Paragon Shopping Center, and its context is during the 21st century modern abstract art. Some of Sun Yu Li’s other works include Dancer (1993), Vitality (1994), Reaching II (1997), and Striving (1999), all of which, like the sculpture at Paragon Shopping Center, are highly abstract forms of art made of dark metal.