War Memorial (chopsticks)

War Memorial
Swan & Maclaren
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This Memorial was erected by the people of Singapore through the efforts of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Assistance of the Government from funds donated by the government and people of Singapore. It was unveiled on February 15, 1967, by the Prime Minister


With care and everlasting sorrow this memorial is dedicated in memory of those of our civilians who were killed between February 15, 1942 and August 18, 1945, when the Japanese armed forces occupied Singapore.

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Government of Singapore

The inscriptions are scrupulously evenly divided between English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

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War Memorial Park


It's funny how you don't even

It's funny how you don't even notice it much anymore. When you're in the area, everything sort of just passes it by.

An effective monument - much under-appreciated

Rather effective when you go up close. The claustrophobia in the space between the four linked columns works well to induce one to a contemplative mood. The space at the base of the monument works well as a metaphor for the idea of the linkage and mutual dependence of these four language groups to Singapore.

But the impact of this monument has been diluted. Road widening has reduced the size of the square where the monument is set. The access structures to City Link Mall distract, and now it looks like the space will also be compromised by the need to build Formula 1 grandstands each year. Worst of all: the over-bright and over-large video screen on the wall of Suntec City distracts very badly from the mood of the monument.