Hilton Mural

Detail for the Mural, Hilton Hotel
Hilton Hotel

There are 15 panels, sometimes obscured with advertising banners.

The work is quite a presence on Orchard Rd, but no one I've talked to seems to know much about the artist. According to his homepage, he has had quite a career creating art in architectural settings. Has a nice line in east/west rhetoric.

See http://www.gerardhenderson.com/SingaporeReliefs.htm for some nice photos.

(Thanks to Lai Chee Kien for pointing me to the artist's homepage.)

Date Created: 
24 December 2008
First Placed in Singapore: 
Current Location: 
Hilton Hotel, Orchard Road


Hilton Mural comment

The form of the Hilton Mural (1964) reminds one much of the abstract sculptures of Cycladic art. The figures, although they have recognizable human features, are highly stylized and distorted. The Cycladic sculptures, such as the Figurine of a Woman (2500 BCE), too, show these characteristics; the figures have recognizable body parts such as the nose and the legs, but the figures are very abstract. The Hilton Mural (1964) functions well as a tourist attraction and gives the hotel quite a culturally sophisticated look. The context of the Hilton Mural (1964) might explain the reason why the artist chose to make the figures abstract, since the artist tried to make the sculptures suit Singapore by incorporating symbolic figures such as Indo-Malay high chief's knives.